Purchase, New York
Beverage & Beer Wholesale Distributor.

Since 1955, Rye Beverage has been locally owned and operated. We provide best-in-class customer service and tailored solutions for each of our clients

If you want it, Rye Beverage can get it.

Our clients include restaurants, bars, residential homes, country clubs, churches, schools, grocery stores, package stores, independent businesses, financial firms, studios, other distributors and many more. We deliver to companies and individuals that might be seeking staple products or aficionados that have deep interest in liquids only we can access.


We carry


.Tell us what you want or we can provide ideas based on customers’ taste and pricing.


Rye Beverage is a delivery company that focuses on fast and often same-day delivery to your doorstep.


Ultimately we are here to make your life easier. We pride ourselves in highly attentive service and professionalism.

@ryebeverage I’m a beer geek but they have a massive selection of water, juices, sodas, mixers… and hard to find craft beer 🙂

Kevin Gillespie


@ryebeverage My company has been with Rye Beverage for over ten years. They treat us like family and they’re super easy to work with.

Tracey Stetler


Our Purchase Service Area

orchard Street, Park Ln, Old Orchard Street, Indian Hill Road, Horton Ct, Stone wall Cir, Shelley Ln, Jamison Ct, Park Ln, Oak Ridge Ct, White Deer Ln old Mill Road, Stone Wall Cir, Forest lake Drive, Buckout Road, Windsor Ct, Magnolia Drive, Country Club Drive, Barnes Ln, Sarosca Farm Ln, Ponds Ln, Beverly Road, Coventry Ct, The Crossing of Blin Brock, College Road, Bryant Avenue, Corporate Apark Road, Ophir DRive, Anderson Hill Road, Century Ridge Road, Yarmouth road, Old well Road

Since 1955, Rye Beverage has been your locally owned and operated Beer and Beverage Home Delivery Company