NYC Craft Beer Festival

Food, Friends, Conversation—Simple Things that make for the Perfect Party. Wait a Minute, Did I Mention Drinks too? Yep, That Most definitely too!

Alright, I have a confession to make. I have been told (several times) by my friends that I make terrible drinking company, but a great host. So imagine my surprise when I am invited to a beer festival this month by the very same friends. Go figure!

Standing at the doorway, I stare amazed at the festival guide given to me. It turns out that there’s a craft beer hall this spring at NYC Craft Beer Festival on April 20th and 21st. From approx. 75 Breweries and 150 Craft Beers, one is likely to find the most thirst-quenching selection of seasonal beers, ciders, and spirits at the event. If there is such a thing as a place and time to acquire a taste for beer, then this must be it. Guaranteed good food, live-music, and some great-tasting mixes, I can’t help, but feel excited about the event already.

With the guide tucked under my arm, I make my way to the kitchen. A collage of photographs with familiar faces catches my eye. Memories of a party I hosted nearly a year ago come rushing through my mind. It was my best friend’s birthday and I decided to treat her to a cocktail party at my place. We had some of her very close friends (most of whom were my friends too) come over for some drinks and good food.

Foods, Friends and Conversations

The party was a huge hit. While our night-long conversations kept us in splits, it was the selection of drinks that kept everyone in high spirits. Indeed, the bar was a huge hit and the life of the party.  I was just glad it all fell into place.

As a host, I had a rough idea of how I wanted the drinks counter to be laid out at the event. But being a teetotaler, I had little or no experience about alcoholic drinks. Fortunately, that didn’t seem to pose a problem at all. Manhattan Beverage Supplier-my trusted beverage stockists- had everything taken care of. They made some great recommendations and delivered everything on time. Thanks to New York Beverage Supplier, the party was a huge success and the birthday girl was delighted. The photos from that day are certainly frame-worthy. It is no wonder then that they take up the most prominent place on my wall.

Talking about cocktail parties, I think it’s about time I hosted another cocktail party for my friends. Ask me and I’ll take any excuse to have my loved ones over. After all, good food, best friends, and great conversation make the most beautiful memories and life is all about living and cherishing those memories.

I know who I need to call for all my beverage needs. Do you?

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