I Am Feeding America

Fork to the left. Spoon and knife to the right. The table is set. The guests are expected to arrive in a few hours and I go about making sure everything is just right. It’s a big day at the hub as we’re hosting a charity event this evening. The aim is to bring the people of my community together for a good cause – that of Feeding America. And as the owner of the restaurant, I have little time to prep as much as I can ahead of time and before the event.

For the uninitiated, the Feeding America network works diligently to provide food to millions of homes in the United States. They are the nation’s largest domestic-hunger relief organization and so, as someone who takes pride in serving high-quality and wholesome food on the table, it is my honor to contribute to the cause. I hope to see a day when no one sleeps hungry. This event is my attempt to help see the light of that day. And so, it is that much more special.

Feeding America Event

As usual, we’re going to let our food do all the talking. We’re serving our very best recipes and have some great party spreads to begin with. There’s cheeseboards, bacon baps, pie and mash, and mini sliders for starters. Lemon roasted chicken with chorizo stuffing and slow-roasted shoulder of lamb served with galette potatoes, baby vegetables and butternut squash puree for our main course. And finally, chocolate and rose tart as well as lavender poached pear with fresh whipped cream assures a lip-smacking dessert menu.

That’s not all. As a passionate foodie and restaurateur, I understand just how important the drinks menu is to a party and so we’re also serving the best cocktails and brews at the event.

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And so, as I get back to overlooking any last-minute finishing touches, I watch the musicians take stage. There’s going to be live music at the hub today- something soft and soulful to enhance everyone’s mood. This event is all about bringing good food to people. It’s about connecting with people who can then work together to end hunger. My goal is to ensure everyone is happy and well looked after. And given how passionate I am about serving good food, I am delighted to give this campaign my support.

The guests have arrived and the event is all set to get rolling. I sense a feeling of togetherness and happiness in the room already. Everyone is in great spirits and that’s just what we need to enjoy what is going to be an eventful evening.