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Boxed Water

Boxed Water is a purified drinking water packaged in eco-friendly boxes. Packaging water in plastic bottles produces carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses, and clogs landfills. By using paper, a renewable resource, Boxed Water is more sustainable and better for the planet. Other than, their boxes are more efficient to produce and ship than plastic bottles.

Boxed Water is considered as the perfect alternative to the traditional plastic bottled water. With its 100% recyclability, purer taste and convenient packaging, you can also say that it’s better than plastic bottled water. If you care about the environment, then completely removing plastic bottled waters from your groceries and stocking up on Boxed Water will help you with your cause.

The paper used to package Boxed Water comes from well-managed forests that are continuously being replanted to replace harvested trees, helping offset our carbon footprint and allowing us to breathe easier. Its sustainable design is comprised of 74% paper, 20% plastic and 6% aluminum.

Boxed Water boasts an 8-step water purification process that ensures their water is delivered completely free of impurities and minerals, which gives it a purer taste compared to plastic bottled water. Leading bottled water brands have over 20 dissolved solids, but Boxed Water doesn’t have any of those unnecessary ingredients.

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