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The electrolytes in Gatorade have been scientifically formulated to help replace what you sweat out in practices and games. This is the main reason why Gatorade is popular amongst professional athletes of various major sports in the United States, including the NBA, MLB, and NFL. Not only that, but Gatorade is also the preferred sports drink of many non-professional athletes due to its rehydration capabilities. Gatorade was developed with the goal to replace important carbohydrates and electrolytes, both of which are what our bodies lose whenever we sweat, and rehydrate the body at the same time.

Numerous studies have shown that Gatorade really does a better job at rehydrating exhausted bodies than water can. But even without the studies, it is very easy to tell that Gatorade really does exactly what’s advertised by drinking it.

Sugar, sodium and potassium – these are some of the ingredients that give Gatorade its ability to rehydrate better. All 3 ingredients are essential in helping the body replace what it loses during strenuous athletic activities, especially during the heat.

Currently, Gatorade boasts a vast selection of products that range from sports drinks to protein powders. And according to an Esquire article published on May 2015, the top 10 flavors of Gatorade are Lemon-Lime, Citrus Cooler, Fruit Punch, Tangerine, Cool Blue, Mango Extremo, Lemonade, Rain Berry, and Glacier Freeze.

With many amazing flavors to choose from for your effective rehydration needs, Gatorade is absolutely the best drink for athletes.

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