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Harmless Harvest

The delicious, organic coconut water of Harmless Harvest is clear when bottled, some of them turn pink when the antioxidants interact with light. It’s natural, so Harmless Harvest embraces it. They are proud to produce Organic and Fair for Life Coconut Water, Coconut Probiotics, and Coffee Coconut Water.

Harmless Harvest harvests their organic, delicious and distinctively fragrant coconuts from Thailand in order to deliver the most authentic coconut water drinking experience to the consumers. Harmless Harvest also has proprietary extraction and filtration processes that allow them to preserve the flavor of their fine products for the consumers to enjoy.

Harmless Harvest is one of the few beverage companies in the world that care about the consumers who drink their product, the people and their communities who produce it, and the planet as a whole. They genuinely understand that every decision they make has an impact that extends far beyond from their company itself. The level of awareness that Harmless Harvest has enables them to produce refreshing, sustainable and delicious products that are good for both the people and our environment.

With their unique fragrance, delightful flavors, and organic goodness, the products of Harmless Harvest are best enjoyed on their own for the health and refreshment needs of the consumers. But Harmless Harvest can also be mixed with other ingredients at home so you can create a one-of-a-kind concoction that not only tastes good but also packs a lot of healthiness.

Whether you are a business owner or a residential customer, stocking up on Harmless Harvest products will be beneficial to you. For business owners, Harmless Harvest is a product that’s steadily becoming popular amongst the passes, so adding it to your inventory will definitely do more good than harm. For residential customers, Harmless Harvest is a healthy beverage that is excellent for everyone in your household.

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